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Hamna with friendly shark in Gn. Fuvahmulah, Maldives
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Dive with Hamty

I remember being a thirteen-year-old girl, who had just finished elementary school and had the permission to go around the island and discover things I haven’t seen before. After a full week of running around the wetlands of the island and the beautiful beaches, I remember sitting down by the shore and looking at the waves and thinking to myself about how beautiful the island was, and my 13-year-old was so upset with the fact that there was no tourism on the island.


That day I sat there and thought about how incredible it would be to bring people to the island and show them everything I’m witnessing every day. Fast forward 11 years, I started diving in Fuvahmulah and discovered that the beauty of Fuvahmulah isn’t just on land, it’s beneath the waves as well.


The wonders of the island still continue to amaze me. After diving here every day for two years I have decided to bring dive with hamty into being. To show people the island both above and beneath the surface through the eyes of a local. To give people the opportunity to witness the beauty that lies in Fuvahmulah.

Hamnu on a Vessel
FVM Shark Modelling in Maldives
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